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Bariatric Shower Trolley

Shower trolley with lots of power and plenty of body space designed for a Working Load Limit of 450 kg/1000 lb.

The trolley is suitable for many different purposes besides showering, for example dressing and nursing: the possibilities are endless. TR 4000 is delivered with gray mattress, gray wedge pillow and flexi drain hose ready to use immediately after unpacking.

Wide usage

The trolley can be used for resident with different needs in all types of care enviroments for showering and other purposes such as changing and treatments.

High Capacity

High capacity on weight, width and length with a Working Load Limit of 450 kg / 1000 Lbs.

Height adjustment

Height adjustment for an ergonomic work enviroment which is convenient and safe thanks to double high performace actuators.

Plenty of stretcher space

The wide stretcher allows plenty of body space convenient both for resident and attendant.

Extra body length

Foldable head end rail allows extra body length and ease transfers.


Tilting of stretcher in either direction for “Trendelenburg” postion, resident comfort and to ease drainage.

Transfer & operation

Easy to operate, efficient and safe person transfer, transport and showering.

Side rails

Foldable side rails for safe transfer and transport that folds to horisontal position and all the way down.

Long lifetime

The design and high quality components and manufacturing procedures equals long lifetime.

Large castors

Large castors (150 mm) for convenient and easy transport.

Corner bumper wheels

Corner bumper wheels prevent damages on trolley and surroundings.

Foot controlled settings

Central foot controlled straight steering and locking of castors.


Operated by two long life high capacity batteries.

Wedge pillows

Wedge pillows can be used to inclince the residents back for comfort and safety.


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